Posted on: September 23, 2010 7:24 pm

T-Magic show

Taylor Martinez, or T-Magic as some of his teammates prefer to call him, is really turning out to be a solid quarterback for the Huskers.  After watching him for the first three games I think you can safely say that this kid will be in the talk for the Heisman trophy.  Some people might not agree with that idea, and it could be a little early for such a bold statement; however, after watching how he performed in a semi-big road game in a hostile stadium last week I'm sold on this kid.
This kid has managed to muster a QB rating of 144.7 through the first three games.  And most impressive so far is the fact that he is averaging 10.5 yards per carry with 40 rushing attempts this year.  He has completed around 65 percent of his passes this year; although, I will admit that he has had a few moments where he looked like he didn't have his composure, short arming wide open receivers.  But that is to be expected, I mean this kid is a red shirt freshman.  
When Taylor has gotten into a groove passing the ball he has looked really good.  I think a lot of people are cutting him short on his ability to throw the football.  He hasn't been in many situations so far where our team has had to rely on the passing game this year, since the rushing game has been so productive.  I have a feeling many people will be shocked at his ability to throw the football when Nebraska faces teams with good rushing defenses like Texas.
A few days before the season started I checked out some of his high school game film available on youtube.  There is no doubt in my mind that Taylor has a great arm and will have great success passing the football once he is called on to do so more often and as he gets more comfortable with the offense.  Defenses are going to have a fit with Taylor, if the aren't already, once he gets settled into his role as the starting quarterback for Nebraska
GO BIG RED!!!~Aaron
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